Customs Clearance

Foodnomy provides a comprehensive customs clearance service for Import and export shipments arriving and departing from all UK ports and airports. 

Customs clearance is complex business and can result in costly fines and delays if not carried out correctly. At Foodnomy we know this very well and are here to assist in all aspects relating to the customs clearance of your goods. So, whatever your country of origin, whatever your destination, we will make it easy and uncomplicated.

Our profound understanding UK import regulations enables us to offer advice to Importers on all customs related matters. Our team of customs clearance experts will guide you through the entire customs process and ensure you have all the correct documentation for a hassle free, quick transportation.


Export & import operations

Renowned for our specialist knowledge of customs import and export formalities, we have large and experienced documentation teams working solely on facilitating an efficient release of goods at the frontier.

Whether you are a first-time importer looking for some expert advice and guidance, or a regular importer looking to optimise your customs processes, we have trained teams ready to handle your clearance requirements, whatever the volume or complexity.

  • Sea and road freight forwarding
  • Custom Clearance
  • EORI
  • Export and Import Services
  • Tariffs and commodity codes
  • Preferences and Rule of Origin
  • LVBI and e-commerce customs entries

Port Health

If your business imports food products or goods intended for human consumption, we are the perfect partner as we have dedicated teams specialising in the importation and related processes.

What’s more, with extensive knowledge of Common Heterinary Entry Document (CHED) requirements, we can facilitate the release of your goods with local port officials and keep you up to date with the status of your shipment whilst it undergoes the regulatory health checks at the Port.

  • Sea and road freight Management
  • Custom Clearance 
  • Importing POAO to the UK.
  • Exporting or moving high risk food and feed of non-animal origin to the EU
  • Import of products, animals, food, and feed system (IPAFFS).
  • Tariff’s and commodity codes.
  • Brexit trainings for companies.
  • Trade finance supports.

Customs Clearance

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