International product management

The world is a sea of possibilities! Which country should you sell next? Usually, the first coming importer gets the seat. But, the road to international markets is paved with good intentions. Going global offers brands new horizons for growth, and it requires profound analysis and hard work. The very first phase of the product development life cycle is to find and clearly define the next opportunity to pursue.

Foodnomy can help identifying the company’s goals. At a high level, company goals fall into three categories: growth, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Specifically, does the company want to get more users for the product, increase its revenue from the current customers, or make its current customers happier? If the goal is revenue, how does the company currently monetize their product, and how can you increase the value for customers to make them more willing to pay for the product? By understanding the current goals we can strategically and make sure the products we’re building align with those goals, helping the company be succesful. 

When working in lean or agile environments, you will often hear the phrase minimum viable product (MVP), this is a term from lean methodology that simply means, “what is the minimally featured thing you can build that will address the opportunity well for most of your target customers and validate your opportunity” MVP helps you to test distribution and supply chain, understand the market conditions. 

Export finance and supports

Foodnomy has extensive experience with investment incentives authorities and we prepare preliminary financial calculations for investment projects.

We guide our customers through the process of applying for investment incentives. Moreover, supporting further expansion and business plans by providing all services and works on a confidential basis.

We prepare tailor-made information packages on available incentives. Our role is to support exporters and it does this by providing risk protection insurance, facilitating finance for exporters and supporting loans to overseas buyers.  

  • Export Working Capital Scheme
  • Bond Support Scheme
  • Letter of Credit Guarantee Scheme
  • Customs Duty and VAT Exemptions, Returns.

New product development

Once you defined the market and need, and designed the supply chain, it is time to develop the product.  Expert process development and a thorough understanding of food manufacturing technologies is critical. We can help you ensure a development concept can be produced consistently in large volume for retail or food service.

Many products fail because insufficient attention is played to this part of the process. Foodnomy’s team will ensure your product concepts are consistent and repeatable as products transition from pilot plant to large scale manufacture. The services we offer include,

  • Sourcing commodities and products.
  • Checking ingredients/product specifications
  • Bespoke food manufacturing company visits
  • Shelf-life assessment
  • Labelling
  • Process Engineering
  • Product Cost and Value Proposition ​
  • HACCP, Quality standardization

Export & import operations

We don’t force a standard process onto your project. We view each project as unique and help chart the appropriate innovation path that gets you to your goal. Offering in variety of sectors,

  • Sea and road freight Management
  • Custom Clearance
  • Export and Import Services
  • Forecasts and productions planning
  • Tariff’s and commodity codes
  • Brexit trainings for teams
  • Trade finance supports
  • Finance capital management. bonds and letter of guarantees.

All around Agency, Representation.

Customer Insights

Landed Cost Calculation

Market Research

Route to Market Strategy