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British Customs Brokerage You Can Trust

Foodnomy’s dedicated customs professionals assist you with clearing goods through customs agencies around the world, helping you comply with all relevant rules and regulations at both origin and destination.

Our customs brokerage team is licensed with decades of experience and ready to help you navigate the complexities of global trade. And with cloud storage for all your trade transaction documents, as well as real-time collaboration and updates, you’ll always know the location and status of your cargo — anywhere in the world.

Foodnomy delivers 24/7/365 human support, in which customers can interact with a core team of operations professionals. 

Submitting key documents late or with inaccuracies can result in delays, inspections, fees, and fines. Our technology platform enables seamless coordination and provides all stakeholders with real-time, actionable alerts to ensure documents are submitted on time — keeping your shipments on schedule and on budget.

Before importing a product, you must identify its Harmonized System (HS) Code to calculate related duties, tariffs, and other taxes. Our team of customs brokers serves as your second line of defense, helping to validate product classifications to prevent costly mistakes and ensure your goods arrive at their destination compliantly.

As the modern freight forwarder and customs broker, Foodnomy has a unique, data-driven perspective into the ways tariffs are impacting global trade. Visit Tariff Insider by Foodnomy, our online hub for our resources, expert views, and solutions to help you mitigate the cost and complexity of ongoing tariffs.


Custom Clearance Brokerage

We are licenced customs brokers. The expertise you need to ensure successful transport and delivery. Regardless of the precise local setup, our highly experienced experts can help you handle all your customs needs – from completing a customs declaration form, to a customs invoice and other customs documents.

we understand the importance of properly handled customs formalities and compliance with all laws and regulations governing the importation and exportation of goods. Our comprehensive local and global customs compliance programme ensures that your customs documentation is accurate and compliant. We can offer advice, special customs entries and procedures including:

  • Import and export declarations
  • Temporary importation
  • Customs warehousing
  • Duty drawback
  • National customs rulings


Export & import operations

We don’t force a standard process onto your project. We view each project as unique and help chart the appropriate innovation path that gets you to your goal. Offering in variety of sectors,

  • Sea and road freight Management
  • Custom Clearance
  • Export and Import Services
  • Forecasts and productions planning
  • Tariff’s and commodity codes
  • Brexit trainings for teams


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